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Amanda Reid

“When all the odds are against you, strive HARDER”



I grew up watching my mother make all ends meet no matter the sacrifice. Despite life’s difficulties, she played a huge role in how I turned out. For many years, I watched her make choices that set her apart from other young single parents. She fought so hard to avoid being a statistic. This was an accomplishment in itself because all odds were against her as a single, black woman.  


Growing up with the option to be a statistic was present in my life day to day. I was blessed enough to have childhood, teenage and young adult life experiences that motivated me to want more for myself. Wanting more for myself has resulted in me achieving my goals- graduating from Shepherd University with my degree in Recreation and Sports Studies, starting businesses, traveling and making a difference. That’s only the beginning!


As I continue my journey, I just want to pave the way for the younger generations, to build on this idea that you will face hardships, but it is the choices you make, the positive chances you take and the changes you make that ultimately deliver you off your block!


Off My Block’s programs have grown me as an individual and my passion for mentoring continues to inspire me to make an impact in my community.

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