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Shina Pujoue 
Vice President 

Growing up I've seen troubles young people face on a daily. Observing the lack of resources and mentors for advancement in certain economical societies, I chose to stand up and do my part in making an impactful change. After attending Lincoln University and receiving my Bachelors in Information Technology, my peers and I, put together a dream plan to make a difference in these unserved communities.

Off My Block really hits home for me because while I was crossing the stage for graduation, I could only think about my cousins that I had lost that year due to gun violence and entering the justice system. I knew at that point, that there was a war happening right in front of my eyes. Taking the initiative to figure out what it was like to be in the streets and contained to a lifestyle of hopelessness, I found that most of our youth are blocked from advancement, because of the contentment of their own neighborhoods and lifestyles.


Off My Block challenges young folks to break away from their usual perceptions of the world and seek out alternate resources, that influence a new light/ experience. Knowing that I am apart of making an impact has helped me grow tremendously as a person.

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