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Brittni Adams 

I believe our generation has so much at its disposal, but not everyone realizes the opportunities are within reach. Through Off My Block I want to be the one who guides and motivates the youth to go get it. After being faced with many loses and challenges at a young age I knew that I would always go after the things I want in life and not to let any obstacle hold me back. I’ve always been surrounded by motivating, ambitious, hardworking people and, entering in to adulthood I’ve noticed that watching those individuals has greatly impacted my outlook. 


Between working in “Corporate America”, going to school, and running my own business I wanted to do more. Working with organizations to provide events and programs to the youth in my area and life experiences I’ve noticed some support of any kind and positive influence goes a long way. I’m not only able to mentor and provide knowledge but learn and continue to grow working with the community.


Nothing or no one should “block” you from achieving your dreams!

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