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Justice Black 

Life has taught me to keep pushing even when you feel like you cannot push anymore. I grew up in Waldorf, Maryland. When I was very young I was taken from my mother because she suffered from a drug addiction. The only way she would be able to regain custody of me was by completing a rehabilitation program. After a few years she was able to take me back in, however in February of 2001 she passed away from a heart aneurism. At a young age, I was placed in the foster care system. I never met my father as he was locked up.

For so long, I felt like as if God didn’t love me. I felt alone.


Starting Off My Block was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It helped me to learn so much about others and myself. Through it all, I have learned that God makes no mistakes and that He has placed people, in my life who have made a positive impact on how I have grown. Off My Block gives me the opportunity to tell my story and do what I love most!


My goal in life is to give back to the youth. I want to see amazing changes happen in their lives, I want them to know that they can succeed no matter what the situation may be. I serve as a vessel in this organization for the young people. There is nothing more rewarding.

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