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Off My Block provides programs and activities for youth to help them achieve a sense of confidence, connection and control over their lives beyond their perception.



Life is a journey, but we all

have to find our own paths.

Help and guidance from

others along the way is

what makes us stronger every day. Off My Block was first thought of back in 2014. The founding group behind this organization, volunteered their time and money to help make a difference in underprivileged communities.


Violence, being just one issue inner-city youth are exposed to continues to increase. In June and July 2014, there were 333 crimes involving guns in D.C., 119 of those resulted in homicides. With these statistics and more it quickly become apparent to the group that they needed to make a bigger imprint and follow through with their passion to serve and mentor the young people.


Since then, Off My Block was officially incorporated October 26, 2015 in Washington D.C. Off My Block 501(C) (3) works to cater and support our youth in the D.C. Metropolitan area. They joined forces together to step up and step in to provide help and guidance for youth in the community. 

Off My Block is proud to announce that we have recently expanded our services, to the state of Maryland! That's right! We are officially incorporated in Maryland.